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"My time with Carla has been healing, revealing and so valuable. She has helped me to address and get healing from issues that I had been arrested by for years. My struggles with anxiety and compulsive behaviors that I thought were just lifelong "bad habits" that would never go away Carla guided me to recognize, assess, and address. Carla's insight is always a breathe of fresh air. Under her care, I always felt safe and heard. I knew I was in a place of non-judgment, and that I would hear the truth and a balanced perspective.

Through my time spent in sessions with Carla, and with her help, I was able to identify repetitive behaviors and patterns that were affecting me, process my feelings that caused these behaviors, and then learn new and different responses to these feelings and even make a plan to put them into practice. I have seen progress and change in my life from applying some of the wisdom and tools Carla has shared with me, taught me, practiced with me and helped me to find within myself.

I have learned and seen that change does not happen over night, but it can happen! It is truly never too late and there is hope. Carla has modeled patience and persistence with me and through my time with her and her showing me these things, I have been able to show them to myself. I am so grateful for all of the time I have spent in her care, and feel fortunate to have found such a solid resource and place of healing in my local area. Carla is an asset and a gift to this community, to her clients, and to me. I am forever thankful for my time spent with her and the mending of my heart, mind and soul in and from our sessions together." - Client

"I didn't know what was going on. I just knew I did not feel like myself and was overwhelmed by fears and crying. I now realize other mother's experience these symptoms too and I am not alone. I am starting to feel like myself again and can enjoy time with my son, in a new way I was not able to do before. In addition, I have also felt a huge change within my marriage; from feeling it was rocky/unstable/falling apart to now solid." - Client 

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