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Pregnancy and the postpartum period can be a wonderful experience. It is quite common however for women to experience a variety of emotions. Sometimes, it is not exactly what one expected. This major transition in life can be stressful and overwhelming for mothers and families due to a variety of factors. Therefore receiving specialized support can make a world of difference! If you are experiencing any type of emotional complication, please know you deserve to have support and to feel better!

We provides symptom relief, individual psychotherapy for pregnant and postpartum women, marriage/couples sessions as well as mommy-baby work focusing on attachment.

Carla Pileggi Caviola is a Perinatal Mental Health Specialist and a Founding Board Member of Postpartum Support International CT Chapter. She provides treatment and support for woman and families in CT and NY State and is a clinical supervisor.  Carla has passionately worked along side many women, infants and families during the pregnancy and the postpartum periods, while providing warmth, care, expertise and symptom relief . This work includes providing psychotherapy for women and families experiencing situations, such as a conception, infertility, high risk pregnancies, NICU experiences, loss/grief, trauma, besides mood, anxiety and stress with transitions.

PMAD's (Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders) is a term that helps to categorize the spectrum of Mood and Anxiety Symptoms women can experience during pregnancy and the postpartum periods. Symptoms can include, but are not limited to:

- crying

- sleep problems

- changes of appetite

- irritability, anger

- scary/disturbing/intrusive thoughts

- anxiety/panic

- feeling overwhelmed

- feelings of loss/grief

- fears of going crazy

- difficulty bonding with baby

- thoughts/plans of harming baby

- thoughts/plans of harming self and/or suicide

*** PLEASE NOTE: If you or anyone you know has 1 or more of the following symptoms below, immediate medical attention is needed. Please call 211 (in the state of CT) /911 in NY/other states or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

These symptoms include: plans of harming the baby, plans of harming oneself/suicide, bizarre beliefs/behaviors, delusions, hallucinations.

*** If you or anyone you know has thoughts of harming self/thoughts of death/suicide/homicide, but no plans, this is still an indication to see a doctor for an evaluation. 

Too many women suffer in silence, but the good news is that help is available!

Get Support & Symptom Relief!

With help you will start feeling like yourself again!

Call today & book an Appointment or ask Questions: 203.433.0585

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